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Why Choose an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes have moved on in leaps and bounds since they were first developed; the frames are lighter, batteries last longer, and the styles are plentiful. They’re used by the cycling elite, commuters, leisure riders and everything in between,

What are the advantages of an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes help save the environment, your health and your wallet at the same time. By riding electric bikes, not only will you be saving money on ever rising fuel costs, tax and insurance fees. You will also be getting some valuable exercise

Buying Guide

Choosing the right bike There are many options available and selecting the correct type of bike is important. First you must decide what your requirements are and the type of riding you will be doing. This will determine which type of bike is right

Ebike FAQ

A series of questions covering our most frequently asked questions about both our bikes and electric bikes in general.


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